Adiponectin and the 90-Day Reset

Did you ever notice that some people can eat anything and never seem to gain weight, while others seem to hold on to every calorie? And if you’re one of these “other” people . . . that even when you try to lose weight (and you’ve tried almost everything) you seem to gain back more than you lost?

Well, scientists have now discovered the difference between lean body types and those that are heavier.

The big difference is a HORMONE . . . and the lean body types have a lot more of it.

It’s called ADIPONECTIN.*

Adiponectin turns fat into energy. And adiponectin is the KEY to long-term weight loss.


Normally, when you eat carbohydrates and sweets, your body turns that extra sugar into stored fat, but if you have enough adiponectin, then your body can easily convert that fat back into glucose to fuel your cells! If you don’t have a lot of adiponectin, then your adipose layer grows and grows and grows.

So the question is —

Can you increase the level of adiponectin in YOUR body?

And the answer is YES!

In fact, clinical studies have proven it.*

Let’s dive a little deeper into this beginning with “what is adiponectin?”

Answer: “a protein hormone produced and secreted exclusively by ‘adipocites’, specialized cells that regulate the metabolism of glucose” [a “skinny” hormone that burns stored fat]

Fact: When we do not produce enough adipocites we cannot metabolize adipose fat, and we gain weight. [Heavy people do not have enough!]

Fact: People with lean body types produce 44% more adiponectin. [skinny people have a lot!]

Fact: Studies indicate consuming twenty grams of rice extract daily for 90 days stimulates adiponectin by an average of 40% [We can now easily boost the “skinny hormone” naturally ]

Fact: Taking one serving of Power Shake and 1 serving of Daily Fiber Blend provide over 21 grams of the rice extract + other powerful Superfoods. [just take the Reset Pack! Only $3/ day!]

YES we have the answer to how to boost your “SKINNY HORMONE” and it’s called adiponectin. And Purium is now your personal Adiponectin Connection!

The RESET PACK has a 100% natural, organic, and gluten-free superfood that WILL stimulate your body to produce 40% more adiponectin in less than 90 days! This 40% increase is about the difference between lean people and those who are clinically considered obese.

• Are you ready to reset your metabolism and change your life?

• Are you ready to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting?

• Are you ready to re-teach your body how to burn fat?

• Are you ready to prove to yourself this CAN be done?

Super! It starts with 10 days.

Begin your reset with the 10-Day Transformation program to reset your metabolism and cravings. Next, consume 1 PowerShake and 1 Daily Fiber drink each day for at least 90 days. This combination has proven to raise adiponectin levels by 40 percent.

We recommend you get the 10-Day Transformation + Reset Pack to get the body you deserve!

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Scientific Studies and Information about Adiponectin

*Click/touch this link to review research & information about the adiponectin hormone.