New Products 2017


Hi Everyone! We appreciate the time you are taking to review the new products that Purium recently released. We will begin with the newest and work our way down (you may have knowledge of the three toward the bottom but we want to be sure you’ve seen them all).


This product is EXCLUSIVE, no one else has a product like this and it is one that every person, over the age of 2 years old, should take. We kid you not.

The world’s first Anti-GMO product . . . BIOME MEDIC!

Eliminate toxic chemicals, like glyphosate! Rebuild & Repair your intestinal villi! and Restore your good bacteria! You can view video’s and learn more about BIOME MEDIC by clicking >> this link <<


How cool is it to be able to have direct delivery and results from a product you have the most need for? Sublingual sprays bypass the need for digestion, which means you get the results you want much faster! Purium has come out with FOUR new sprays.

CONTROL (for appetite suppression), CHARGE (for energy), EASE (for joint/pain relief), and CHILL (for stressful situation, relaxation without feeling drowsy)


Purium’s new MVP Sport protein mix is going to rock your world! Completely different from anything Purium has offered and comes in a mocha-like chocolate flavor, and a creamy vanilla flavor. You can find the ingredients and more information by clicking >> this link <<


Purium’s new Can’t Beet This combines the much desired beet juice benefits with a small amount of green coffee bean extract for a nice “charge” before your daily workout routine or fantastic to replace your morning coffee. Sustained energy without the jitters. (We will have a post about this product very soon, in the meantime you can read more about it by clicking >> this link << on the Purium site)