Product Event Cards

CHILLSprayv2_EventCardThese cards are wonderful to display next to its corresponding Purium product or next to a product you are providing samples for . . . they are designed specifically to print as 4×6 inch photos. Why? To make them very cost effective to have printed — often even cheaper than you can print from home! We’ve found the best outlet for printing these is through Shutterstock. Why? Because they print on heavy photo paper, which makes them durable and they stand up better in a frame, no curling at the corners! We recently had 28 cards printed for less than $8 and that included shipping!! All for cards we will use over and over again!

Want your own cool frames for your new event cards? They look amazing on an event table! Check out these Ikea Tolsby 4×6″ frames that you can order directly from Amazon by clicking HERE.


Check back often as we will continue adding product cards as time marches on!

The following cards are provided in JPG format, most photo printing outlets require JPG for photo printing. How you save the cards will depend on your device. For the majority you will first Touch/Click to open the full size JPG image and then (1) right click to save as or (2) touch and hold to save to your device.








3 thoughts on “Product Event Cards

  1. Wow Amy – you ‘da bomb!!! These are really well done and awesome useful and effective tools for HHH’s and Trade shows. Thanks so much for being such a team player and sharing. XX00 Kathi Agueda


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